I've never had a chemical peel before. My skin looked tired & dull and it was starting to really bother me. I wasn't sure what to expect but when I had the consultation with Francesca she explained all the treatments on offer & I felt that a quick & gentle procedure like the Uber chemical peel sounded perfect.

It was unbelievably relaxing, it didn't sting in any way. I loved the clay & manuka oil mask that was applied after the peel also. It all felt like such a treat!

The positive effects of the chemical peel treatment were instantaneous. I honestly couldn't believe how smooth, fresh & radiant my skin looked straight after the treatment.

I'm still stunned how a natural treatment could have such a radical effect! It's been a few days since the treatment and I still amazed how great my skin looks & feels! This will definitely become part of my regular treatment regime. I highly recommend. I'm telling everyone about this!

J.J. | London

I was expecting some discomfort from the microneedling with the Dermapen but it was surprisingly painless. The entire process including the collagen mask was soothing and felt luxurious. I was very careful and followed the instructions for aftercare. I think there is a noticeable improvement to the crepiness of my neck and a small improvement to the depth of my naso-labial line after one treatment. My hands also look a little plumper. People have noticed and commented on how refreshed I look. This is an invaluable treatment to improve skin tone. I would recommend it.

L.C. | London

I’m a Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) convert. I have found that the therapy makes my skin dewy, I certainly look more refreshed for several weeks following each session and I have noticed that I absorb all my skin care products so much better after treatment. I didn’t know what to expect initially but the pen really does just glide over the skin smoothly and there is no pain or even discomfort. The session feels like a mini spa experience and when Francesca places on ‘the mask’ to hydrate the skin and soothe it - I’m in heaven. This has become my go to treatment for skin rejuvenation. I want to do all I can to defy the signs of ageing. I particularly like that this treatment promotes my own body into creating new collagen! Francesca always gives out advice on how to get the best result from each treatment and I find this extremely helpful. Every session gives me a healthier more vibrant appearance, I just glow. It’s totally natural and it really works!

M.C. | London

My biggest concern with my appearance was the signs of ageing due to the nasolabial folds that seemed to grow deeper every year. These deep folds made look tired and older than my years. I saw Francesca for an initial consultation and we discussed my concerns and the options available. I had never had any aesthetic treatments previously so this was a big step for me. Francesca explained everything well, she gave me information to take home so I could read up about dermal fillers and she told me not rush into anything. When I did return for the dermal filler treatment I honestly could not believe what a dramatic improvement it made to my appearance. The results were incredible. I felt such an increase in myself confidence - I didn’t look tired anymore. My friends and work colleagues all commented how well I looked too. I have continued to see Francesca for aesthetic treatments for several years now. Every treatment she offers is super and her range of beauty creams are delicious. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

C.J. | London

I've been a vegan for over 20 years. I often feel tired & chronically suffer from poor sleep quality and insomnia. I’ve often had my B12 levels checked by my GP but it’s always on the low end of normal so I’ve never been offered B12 injections or supplements. I’ve tried over the counter B12 pills and food supplements but with no noticeable improvement. I decided to try the B12 injections as I felt I had little to lose and a lot to gain. I found it to be a quick procedure & entirely painless. It seemed immediately and consistently that I’m falling asleep 2-3 hours before my usual bed time and without trying. The quality of my sleep has improved too. I’m definitely adding this into my self care programme.

L.C. | London

I applaud the dermal filler treatments that I have received from Francesca at Venus of Beauty. I’ve had a few tell tale aging signs smoothed/filled with filler like marionette lines, lip augmentation for volume loss and nasal labial folds. The care and attention received in the service is always exceedingly good. Francesca explains everything thoroughly, so you know what to expect, she offers hand outs on post treatment aftercare and always follows up with me the next day to check that I’m OK. I always feel really looked after by Francesca. The treatment results are so natural looking, I appear more refreshed but never over done. People who know me, comment all the time that I look so well! But they cant work out why! it's strange how subtle treatment can cause such a striking improvement in ones overall appearance. I highly recommend Francesca and her services.

R.A. | London

When I was 15 years old I became self conscious of my thin upper lip. Every time I applied lipstick I disliked my lips. I’m 50 now and that’s such a long time to be unhappy. It never occurred to me that it’s fixable. I just thought dermal fillers were for celebrities who wanted a trout mouth, like shown in the media. Again, it never occurred to me that lip fillers when wielded in the right hands could look natural, beautiful even, let alone be affordable. Why did I wait so long! Francesca not only corrected something that continually caused me to feel unhappy about myself but she totally exceeded all my expectations with her skills. Francesca listened to what I wanted and then artistically created what I have long desired. I could not be happier.

V.T. | London

I am susceptible to bruising. I just resigned myself to the idea that my face would be covered in post treatment bruises at the Botox injection sites. I was very impressed with the treatment and Francesca's needle technique. I have had two treatments now and have no bruising whatsoever. I am thrilled with the results!

B.B. | London

I had my first ever muscle relaxant (Botox) treatment with Francesca. I was initially quite nervous but I found Francesca so professional & reassuring and she really took the time to explain everything thoroughly. Once I felt I better understood how botox works, what's involved in the treatment & how to avoid side effects, it lessened my nervousness. I recommend my friends to Francesca because not only is the treatment great but she offers a very detailed service & doesn't make you feel rushed.

K.T. | London

I am thrilled with the services Francesca offers and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I particularly like her mango butter serum that she gifts her clients with as additional aftercare with Botox treatment! What a nice touch! I have seen how this serum works on others and I look forward to it working for me!

J.D. | London

My colleagues at work have all commented on how fantastic my Botox treatment looks. The main remark is that I look natural (I still have movement) and I look more refreshed. My main fear in receiving Botox was that I may end up with a frozen face but that wasn't the case at all. Francesca saw me for my first time appointment and we discussed the look I wanted to achieve and the look that I wanted to avoid. I then saw her again for a 2 week review appointment where she adjusted the Botox slightly and made sure that I was happy with the results. I am very happy with the treatment I received and would recommend her for sure.

N.H. | London

Natural Beauty Products

Out of all the expensive facial creams, moisturisers and serums that I have used over the years, (to no avail!), nothing has moisturised my (mature) skin like the Jasmine Face and Décolletage Butter. It’s light in texture but it penetrates the skin with a deep luxurious hydration like nothing else. It’s never greasy and allows me to apply my foundation perfectly. I use it both day and night and as a primer for my foundation. It’s superior to any high end product that I've ever purchased. I wouldn’t be without this facial cream.

J.J. | London

Having mature skin, it has been a nightmare trying to find a rich enough moisturizer to go under my 12 hour foundation which is difficult to apply. My foundation becomes difficult to blend and just clots. I had finally resorted to using a well known brand of hand cream which didn’t work well but it was the best I could find. I had tried high end store brands which were not any better than the hand cream. I have very dry skin and even oils don’t work well because they just don’t moisturize. I was introduced to the Goddess Venus Beauty Collection by a friend who recommended their Jasmine Face & Décolletage Butter.

After applying this product, I was easily able to use my foundation for the first time ever. I had a big surprise when I realized that my skin was marvellously hydrated as well. This product is also completely natural and without any also is handmade and a "labour of love" with some amazing ingredients. As I have aged I have noticed that moisturizers that have a high concentration of chemicals irritate my skin. I am delighted to say that this amazing product does not irritate my skin at all. I have also begun using this product as a night cream with wonderful results… Jasmine Face & Décolletage Butter is a true "Godsend" for me!!

A.H. | Ireland

Whenever I open my jar or should I say jars? of Mango Nut Body Butter the first thing that hits me is the wonderful aroma. My skin adores this body butter, it's lightly whipped, richly nourishing, my skin just soaks it up! My skin requires special treatment - no high street body moisturiser cuts it. My skin itches with fake scents and unnatural ingredients do nothing to moisturise my skin, I have come to the conclusion that they actually dry my skin out further. My skin needs deep nourishment especially during cold winters with the central heating on. I’m so glad I found this butter! My partner steals it from me regularly - he says it soothes his face after shaving. It works well has an intensive hand cream too.

J.F. | London

Venus fine line serum, it’s doing incredibly nourishing things to my crows feet, I swear it’s smoothing them already!

D.N. | London

At last a natural hand cream that works! I carry the Bergamot & Lavender Hand & Foot Butter in my hand bag. I use it at work to counteract the awful soap in our staff toilets that seems to strip the natural oils out of my hands. This hand butter works a treat. My hands feel smooth & no longer dried out. Thanks

T.D. | London

The Venus Mango Nut Body Butter is fabulous! Really nourishes my dry skin. I am going to tell everyone about this body butter!

W.K. | U.K

What a wonderful hand & foot cream. Soaks into my feet so quickly and no fuss with socks at night. The scent is sublime. People at work ask me all the time if they can borrow for their hands! I have to bat them off...

C.C. | London

The avocado body butter is the best moisturising product for my dry skin, my boyfriend uses it everyday, I need him to buy his own!

C.H. | London

What an absolute delight to be given a gift pack of your Goddess Venus natural beauty range, I am so impressed. The body butters and the hand creams melt into my skin, they are perfect for me. The décolletage jasmine butter and fine line serum are magnificent.

K.F. | London

I love the your Avocado Body Butter. The butter has a lovely smell and moisturises so well on the skin, lasting all day. The smell is also uplifting and relaxes me throughout the day. I will be stocking up on more creams in the future!

E.K. | London

Simply the best exfoliating scrub I have ever come across.

K.H. | London

Totally love the Venus beauty range, everything I have tried is delicious; the exfoliating body scrub is by far the nicest scrub I have ever used.

R.E. | U.K.

The Venus Deluxe Bergamot & Lavender Hand & Foot Butter is fabulous! My feet have never been so smooth. Thank you.

T.T. | London

Wow, I totally LOVE your ylang-ylang coconut facial exfoliation scrub that I was given as a gift! So smooth on the face and what a delight to have the coconut oils soaking into my skin doing only good things. It smells good enough to eat!

M.C. | New Zealand

I am surfer and often in some harsh sun conditions and take pleasure in looking after my skin naturally, and I adore all the six products that I have purchased in The Venus Beauty Collection. The initial hit of seductive scents in each product are so gorgeous and stay with you for hours. I prefer to use Venus beauty products after my evening shower, I go to bed lavished up to allow the nutritious affection nourish my skin while I sleep.

Each body and face product feels so luxurious and adoringly beautiful to use, this range is truly beneficial giving me radiant skin. The fact that they have such simple rich raw ingredients and the handmade element of love is a rare factor in beauty products, no dilution here! Thanks Francesca, once again your quality intentions have caressed and enhanced my life.

K. | New Zealand

I feel the Venus body butter is extra special. It’s not just the wonderful scent and lush ingredients, it has a quality about it that makes you ‘feel good’ It may well be the magic that you put into it with the goddess Venus, I don’t know. I just know its feels special.

N.N. | London

Your products are delectable, Seriously! Oh my goodness the scents, the presentation and the packaging. I adore your work.

W.K. | London

My friend, who you made the soothing natural beauty oil for, loved her present. Thank you for listening to her situation and soothing her grief with a kind ear and then making her something uplifting. I know you make beauty products but there is so much more to what you do and what you offer is a very unique and special service. Much appreciated.

M.E. | London

This period of my life, has been really stressful. I feel so much calmer and more relaxed now that I use your Venus beauty products, my skin benefits too. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

M.P. | London

I highly recommend Francesca Hardy’s Venus beauty range. I have a purchased several products and am so happy with them. The hand crafted packaging is fabulous making these wonderful gifts to friends and family, but most of all it is a range you can use daily to celebrate and give love to yourself!

P. | London

How spectacular your products are that arrived just now in the post, packaged so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y and with so much love and care. Thank you.

N.K. | U.K.

Dear Francesca, Every time I use the Venus beauty products - I feel Venus's love! I feel it wrap me in a blanket of cosy love! I love your range. Thank you!

D. | U.K.

When I use your Venus beauty products, I feel the vibration of love that radiates from them. I am sensitive to things like that and I feel your range is a cut above the rest.

D.T. | U.K.

The scented beauty products you made for me, to help me through my recent upheaval has helped me so much. Some days when things feel upsetting, I stop myself, reach for the scented product (Hand cream), inhale the contents and I feel rebalanced. It really works deeper than skin deep!

J.N. | U.K.

My friend was in heaven when he opened his natural beauty birthday present! Thank you for crafting this especially for him!

S.A. | U.K.

Francesca, just wanted to let you know how pleased I was purchasing the bulk order of gifts from you, everyone adored their Xmas presents from your Venus beauty range, thanks for gift wrapping them so attractively. We will be back next year!

N.M. | U.K.

My family adored your ‘flower petal bath salt gift favours’ that you made especially for me, at Xmas, and I mean they a-d-o-r-e-d them. Thanks for your creative efforts. They were packaged wonderfully!

E.R. | London

Bulk order of last minute Xmas gifts for the third year on the trot. You take a huge amount of stress out the Xmas shop for me, thanks as always for the quality, decorations, wonderful scents and the gift of magic that it brings everyone in my family and office!

N.M. | London

The bespoke scented flower salts you made for my sacred clinic space are awesome! I feel they are very special and are giving me a real boost to my self-confidence and a sacred ambience to the space. My clients comment on them all the time.

T.T. | London